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General Hospital 3-7-23 Full Episode | GH 7th March 2023

General Hospital

General Hospital 3-7-23 Full Episode 7th March 2023

  • Ava is rudely interrupted.
  • Drew has news for Carly.
  • Alexis is concerned for Curtis.
  • Dex updates Michael.
  • Sonny asks a favour of Olivia.

General Hospital 12/28/22 spoiler:

GH Spoilers Wednesday, December 28. When Brook Lynn and Maxie first met, they were sworn, enemies. It appears that the shared goal of protecting Bailey Jones from her maniac father was all that was required to cement their friendship.

Maxie may learn something about her own ex-boyfriend Austin if she sits down to listen to Brook Lynn’s anguish over her broken relationship. Continue…

General Hospital Wednesday Spoiler | 28th December 2022

General Hospital History:


The American television soap opera “General Hospital” debuted on the ABC network on April 1, 1963, and it has been running ever since. The show, which was created by Frank and Doris Hursley, is set in the fictional town of Port Charles, New York, and follows the lives of people who work at the town’s medical center, General Hospital. “General Hospital” has gained a reputation over the years for its compelling plots, intricate character development, and talented ensemble cast. The show is still one of the most popular and long-running soap operas in American television history, with over 14,000 episodes.

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Frank and Doris Hursley, a husband-and-wife writing team, created “General Hospital,” which debuted on ABC on April 1, 1963. The original concept of the show was that it would focus on the personal and professional lives of the doctors and nurses who worked at General Hospital in the fictional town of Port Charles, New York. The Hursleys became well-known for their innovative storytelling methods, such as cliffhangers and ensemble storytelling, as the show gained popularity with viewers quickly. “General Hospital” has tackled a wide range of social issues over the years, including, among others, drug addiction, HIV/AIDS, and breast cancer.

General Hospital Full Episode

Notable storylines:

“General Hospital” has a long history of notable plotlines that have enticed viewers to return for more. These include the enduring “Luke and Laura” storyline, which depicted the couple’s whirlwind romance and eventual marriage, and the “Ice Princess” saga, in which the couple foiled a global scheme to freeze the world’s resources. The opioid crisis, sexual assault, and mental health have all been discussed on the show in recent seasons. The return of fan-favorite characters like Nikolas Cassadine, the aftermath of the “General Hospital” serial killer storyline, and the introduction of characters like Peter August, who is now one of the show’s most hated villains, are notable storylines in recent years. “General Hospital” is one of the longest-running and most adored soap operas on television, thanks to the success and popularity of these and many other storylines.

General Hospital 3-7-23 Full Episode | March 7th 2023

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