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General Hospital Wednesday Spoiler | 28th December 2022

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General Hospital Wednesday Spoiler:

General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday, December 28. When Brook Lynn and Maxie first met, they were sworn, enemies. It appears that the shared goal of protecting Bailey Jones from her maniac father was all that was required to cement their friendship.

Maxie may learn something about her own ex-boyfriend Austin if she sits down to listen to Brook Lynn’s anguish over her broken relationship.

Willow had been secretly undergoing cancer treatments throughout her pregnancy. Willow’s stress is finally catching up to her, and she may experience some weak moments where she thinks she can’t do it any longer. Michael has been there for her every step of the way.

A new deal is in the works, and Sonny is at the negotiating table. Is this the one that Valentin flagged, knowing that if Sonny didn’t get it, one of the other five families would? To what extent will he come to deeply regret this?

Still, Carly plays the middleman, facilitating communication between Drew and Denise and any other leads he may uncover. When will Drew realize she’s been playing him?

After a successful pre-holiday catch-up session, Chase and Sasha are making plans to see each other again. Will an unexpected love between them help mend their damaged hearts?

General Hospital Weekly Spoiler | 26th – 30th Dec 2022

As Cody and Britt run into each other at the hospital, he admits he hasn’t been completely forthright with her up until now but vows to improve.

Will he reveal that he purposely came to town for her. Also, reveal the fact that he blackmailed Damian to get to her, and deceived Mac about being his father in order to obtain the necklace?

Sasha won’t come off looking good when Selina and Gladys get back together. With Gladys watching her every step, she may believe she is on the verge of ending her guardianship, but in reality,
she may be on the verge of bankruptcy as Gladys takes financial risks with Sasha’s future. So, stay with us to learn more about the spoilers.

Goodbye, and See you again.

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General Hospital Wednesday Spoiler | 28th December 2022, General Hospital 12-28-22 Spoiler

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