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Days of Our Lives Friday Spoiler | December 16, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoiler | Friday, December 16, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Friday, December 16. Stefan DiMera and Brady Black will have a massive argument that’s obviously about Chloe. Things have had a massive change ever since Stefan came back from the dead.
No one ever expected that he’ll have feelings for Chloe and not Gabi Hernandez. So, today’s episode will feature a heated conversation between the two men over the one they have a common feeling.

Brady had no other option but to end his relationship with Chloe all because of Kristen. He sacrificed his love in order to save the lives of the three victims. He was really looking forward to a future with Chloe, but Kristen blackmailed him for a reunion and had him dump the woman he cares about.

So, Brady will spill his wrapped-up feelings, while Stefan urges that he and Chloe are now a couple. This will infuriate Brady, and we wonder what he does in the soap series.

When talking about Kristen, she’ll have to face some sick manipulation from John and Marlena. The spoilers reveal that they will try to sneak something past the she-devil, but its easier said than done.
As we know, Kristen is a master manipulator, and she is an expert when talking about deceptions. John and Marlena are really worried about Brady’s recent behavior.

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They know for a fact that Kristen has been a bad influence on Brady, and they now want her out of his life for good. But how can they make it happen. Kristen has the upper hand, and she can do whatever she wants with Brady. So, let’s see what John and Marlena have in mind on this episode of Days.

Finally, this episode will show the beginning of Susan’s memorial service. Friday’s cliffhanger will feature Johnny racing against time in order to stop Ava from destroying EJ.
As we know, Ava has planted a bomb, which will eventually explode. So, will Johnny make it in time to save everyone including his dad, or will he be too late.

Goodbye, and See you again.

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That’s all that’s going to happen in Salem on Friday that we find out.

Days of Our Lives Friday 16, 2022, | December 16th Friday 2022

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