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Days of Our Lives Wednesday Spoiler | October 19, 2022

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Wednesday, October 19. Tripp Johnson has accomplished many great deeds of bravery in his young life, but the way he punches Johnny DiMera in this episode seems a little out of character.

Despite that, there a number of people in Salem who will agree that punching Johnny is indeed a noble deed. There are many people who say that the boy deserves to be punched on several occasions over the past year.

And Tripp gets this chance to land a major blow on Allie’s twin brother. He actually does the honors by punching Johnny and having him feel the embarrassment for a change.

Meanwhile, Xander and Sarah are on the verge of making a life-changing move. The recently married couple will put up a united front as they make a surprising decision. This is probably about their new living arrangement or the fact that they want to start a new family in a new place.

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We’ve talked about Xander and Sarah’s possible storylines where they now search for a new home to live in. After which Sarah will urge them to make a baby, and start a family. So this episode marks the beginning of their new life in Salem.

Elsewhere, Gabi Hernandez will have her heart shattered to pieces as she receives the divorce papers from Stefan DiMera. And adding more to the shocker, Stefan will deliver the divorce papers himself in order to make it quick.

He wants to get divorced from Gabi as soon as possible, and he is looking for a chance with Chloe. However, Gabi is not the kind of person who gives up without a fight.

Stefan means a lot more to Gabi, and she’ll do whatever it takes to save their marriage from falling apart. The spoilers reveal that Gabi will be forced to sign the divorce papers in this episode, but her fight for Stefan is far from over.

Finally, Jack is bound to make a massive mistake by forgiving his daughter without any consequences. He will eventually live to regret that he was not careful with Gwen as things spiral out of control in a shocking twist.

Goodbye, and See you again.

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