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Days of our Lives 11-28-22 Full Episode | DOOL 28th November 2022

Days of our Lives 11-28-22 Episode (S58 E51):

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  • Sarah asks Xander if he kidnapped Bonnie and Susan.
  • Alex and Stephanie’s kiss heats up.
  • Tony and Chad grow concerned about EJ.
  • EJ is confronted by Ava.

DOOL Spoiler | Tuesday 25, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Friday, November 25. Xander finds himself a tight spot as Sarah gets suspicious about the things happening. She is a smart young woman, and she knows that something wrong is happening.

So, she’ll have a list of questions and concerns for her husband about his new job. As we know, Xander is doing everything to keep Sarah in the dark about his new job for Ava, who is now presumed to be dead.
Xander knew for a fact that he made the wrong choice, but he was in desperate need of money. He made a deal with the devil, and he now has to pay a heavy price for that. It’s only a matter of time before Sarah gets more updates about Rafe’s investigation on Bonnie and Susan. Continue…

Days of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler | 28th Nov – 2nd Dec 2022

About the show:

American TV drama Days of our lives is broadcast on NBC. It is one of the longest-running prearranged TV programs, circulating essentially every workday since November 8, 1965.

Days of our Lives 11-28-22 Full Episode | DOOL 28th November 2022

Days of our Lives Weekly Preview 2022

One of the longest-running storylines included the assault of Mickey Horton’s significant other, Laura, by Mickey’s sibling Bill. Laura trusts in her father by marriage, Dr. Tom, and the two concur that her better half, Mickey, should never be aware.

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Days of our Lives 11-28-22 and Watch  (DOOL 28th November 2021), or DOOL 28th November 2022 Days of our Lives DOOL 28th November 2022 Full Episode or Days of our Lives 11/28/22

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