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Days of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler | 28th Nov – 2nd Dec 2022

Days of Our Lives September Spoiler

Days of Our Lives- Monday 28, November 2022

  • Sarah asks Xander if he kidnapped Bonnie and Susan.
  • Alex and Stephanie’s kiss heats up.
  • Tony and Chad grow concerned about EJ.
  • EJ is confronted by Ava!

Days of Our Lives – Tuesday 29, November 2022

  • Nicole confides in Chloe her concern about Jada having Eric’s baby.
  • Brady congratulates Eric on his good news.
  • Johnny angrily confronts EJ.
  • Gabi and Li’s romance is interrupted by Wendy.

Days of Our Lives – Wednesday 30, November 2022

  • Wendy confronts Li about his role in Stefan’s brainwashing.
  • EJ urges Johnny to keep his secret.
  • Gabi and Stefan bicker over her upcoming wedding to Li.
  • Eric receives stunning news.

Days of Our Lives – Thursday 1, December 2022

  • Eric and Nicole get into a huge fight.
  • Kate lends Jada her support.
  • Paulina summons Abe with an idea she hopes will save Chanel.
  • Sloan rips into Chanel.

Days of Our Lives – Friday 2, December 2022

  • John and Marlena worry about Kristen manipulating Brady.
  • Leo is surprised when Sonny offers to come to his aid.
  • EJ and Nicole drown their sorrows together.
  • Chad stuffs his jealousy when he learns things are going well with Stephanie and Alex.

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Days of Our Lives -28th November – 2nd December 2022 | Weekly Spoiler

Days of our lives 11-28-22 weekly spoiler

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