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The Young and the Restless Wednesday Spoiler | 28th September 2022 (CBS)

The Young and the Restless 9-28-22 spoiler, Wednesday :

Diane Jenkins will not hesitate to take any chances with forging stronger ties with her family, especially Harrison. She might be seen stopping by with a toy for her grandson, but her true goal must be to visit Jack.

She is seeking a second shot with Jack as well as forgiveness for her past sins. She even makes up with her rival Phyllis for this purpose. Jack will clean up the situation which will give Diane more confidence and possibly lead to a real kiss.

But she will soon be in serious trouble, especially since her mysterious companion might have a few things to say. So, Trevor St. John may make his Tucker McCall debut in today’s episode, setting up a potentially tense scenario for Diane.

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It appears that he will make his moves and catch Diane off guard when she returns to her hotel suite. While Diane does need to explain her mysterious partner concerning the issue in the soap series.
Elsewhere, Nick will offer Sally the invitation for a dinner at Society. Naturally, this will offer them a chance to decide the things happening between them and how to move forward. This will surely make Adam envious, prompting him to spy on their unusual relationship.

Meanwhile, Chelsea Lawson will suffer a severe setback in an event related to Johnny Abbott. By sharing the truth about her biological mother, she hoped to forge a strong bond with her son. However, it seems as though everything is going wrong, giving her no choice but to give up on the reunion.

In the aftermath, she will unexpectedly come to Society, where she will meet Adam. They will get the chance to talk about Connor Newman-related topics.

Chelsea will quickly notices Adam’s troubled expression and causes attention to Sally and Nick’s dinner instead. Adam would then face Nick in private and demand an honest response regarding his interaction with his ex. Even though he already knows what is going on, he still wants to press for a real confession in the soap series.

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