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The Young and the Restless Friday Spoiler | 9th December 2022 (CBS)

The Young and the Restless 12-9-22 Spoiler, Friday:

Nate will choose to take major action concerning Elena and her podcasting venture. There is also a possibility that it has to do with his trip to Los Angeles with Victoria. Nate wanted to reintroduce Elena’s podcast to Newman Media, but Victoria was against it.

Elena may feel locked out if Nate breaks his commitment again. After that, Elena might become frustrated with her position and cause more issues in her delicate relationship with Nate.

Elsewhere, Jack will stop Jeremy from harassing Diane and may even threaten to have security call on him if he doesn’t leave. He intends to bring Jeremy to the Abbott mansion’s exit, but the criminal will insist that he still has unfinished business with Diane.

This leads Jack to believe that Diane owes Jeremy money, so makes an offer to pay her debt in her place. Well, Diane may oppose Jack’s paying Jeremy off. But Jack doesn’t care at this point and will just want to get rid of the menace that is hanging over their heads.

Jack will gradually realize that this issue isn’t only about money as time goes on. He’ll think Jeremy is bluffing in some way; therefore, he might not think Jeremy will truly leave town after getting paid. Despite this, Jeremy insists that the issue is limited to some missing money. However, I think there’s more to this story, and the mystery will eventually become clear moving forward.

Naturally, Tucker would prefer Jeremy to remain in Genoa City. So that he may make use of Jeremy’s presence in the town to accomplish some of his goals. And this might offer the bad guy a motive to hang around.

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And that might be the reason Tucker finds himself in need of self-defense in the upcoming Y&R; episode. His primary objective will be to win Ashley back, so over their lunch, he will explain why he believes Jeremy could be very helpful to him. And there are a few spoilers with Diane packing her suitcase in preparation for leaving town.

So, Jack could have something to say off the ledge. It doesn’t matter how difficult things become; Jack will keep pressing Diane not to leave her family. As he has promised to protect her from any danger, he will also insist that she should place her trust in him.

Goodbye, and See you again.

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The Young and the Restless 12-9-22 Spoiler | Friday 9th December 2022, The Young and the Restless 12-9-22 Spoiler

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