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The Young and the Restless Thursday Spoiler | 15th December 2022 (CBS)

The Young and the Restless 12-15-22 Spoiler, Thursday:

Noah Newman will tell Allie Nguyen the truth about the kiss he had with Audra Charles. This is obviously going to anger and hurt Allie since she never expected this to occur between them. A part of Noah feels a connection to Audra, despite his guilt about the kiss. Clearly, things are heating up between Allie and Noah, and now we have to concern ourselves with whether they can keep their relationship on track.

Meanwhile, Nikki Newman will share her concerns about Nick Newman and Sally Spectra’s relationship. She won’t support Nick’s continued interest in Sally, so she’ll warn him to be mindful of the situation.

She will attempt to shed some light on Sally’s shady past and her dishonesty, but Nick will not be held back from his feelings for her. Although he is aware that Sally has a troubled past, he is nonetheless interested in a relationship with her.

We are all aware that Nick has been proceeding with extreme caution as he mulls over their potential future together with Sally. There is still doubt in his mind since he thinks Adam may be the source of problems in their relationship.

However, he has a difficult time letting go of his feelings for Sally. So, things are sure to get more passion between them in the coming days. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before they can begin their new life together as a couple.

Meanwhile, Chelsea Lawson is doing all in her power to get out of her predicament, so she must soon make progress. Sharon Rosales will be there to help and encourage her as she takes yet another giant stride on the road to recovery.

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Chelsea is obsessed with Johnny Abbott and wants him to accept her as his mother. Therefore, she may once again seek to make peace with Johnny. But she has a lot more going on in her head than we know about, and it’s going to be shocking when it comes out in the coming days.

Furthermore, Adam Newman and Chelsea will get closer in the days to come. He’ll do whatever it takes for Chelsea’s well-being. Thus, he will most likely spend Christmas with Chelsea since he will reach her ahead of the holiday to begin preparations. As a result of their developing affection for one another, they may eventually reconcile and resume their relationship as a couple.

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The Young and the Restless 12-15-22 Spoiler | Thursday 14th December 2022, The Young and the Restless 12-15-22 Spoiler

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