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The Young and Restless 8-1-22 Full episode | Y&R 1st August 2022

About the Show:

The Young and Restless 8-1-22 Full episode | Y&R 29th August 2022

The Young and Restless, also known as Y&R was created for CBS by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell. It includes an American television Soap Opera.  March 26, 1973, started Its Live broadcasting. Before 1980 it was broadcasting half hours per day and five times in a week but on Feb 4, 1980, it was expanded to One Hour Episode. This Show is about a wealthy Brooks family and the working class Foster.]

About the Show:

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The Young and the Restless” has the ninth-highest episode count (11,600) among all television programs in the world.

The Young and Restless 1st August 2022 Full Episode

In 1973 The soap opera “Where the Heart Is” was canceled and The Young and restless was replaced with it. Bell was head writer of the Show from the beginning till 1988. He wrote from his home in Chicago while production was or Los Angeles. Bell was willing to shoot the series in New York but due to New York being an expensive place CBS felt Los Angeles was an affordable place for shooting. John Conboy was the First Producer of the show till 1982

After John Conboy, Bell and H. Wesley were the co-executive producers until Edward Scot came in 1989 and Bell become the senior executive producer.

Bell’s family moved to Los Angeles to create new Soap Opera. Bell was having three children at that time. William Jr. Bradley, and Lauralee Bell. Lauralee Bell started working as an actor in The Young and Restless. Bradley becomes co-created Bold and Beautiful with his father. William Bell Jr. becomes president of Bell Dramatic Serial

Victoria stands her ground; Lauren plays hardball; Nick enlists Rey’s help

Watch the Full episode of Y&R The Young and the Restless on 8-1-22 July 2021, or The Young and the Restless on 1st August 2021 Full Episode
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