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The young and restless Weekly Preview- 17th – 21st October 2022

The young and restless 10-17-22 Preview (S58):

The young and restless

The young and restless Next week Spoiler – 17 – 21 October 2022

In the next week, Jack will begin to suspect Diane of having a secret. And this might prompt Jack to ask Tucker about his connection with Diane in the past and whether they’re still related in any manner.

We are aware that Diane has twisted the truth when it comes to Tucker’s lies. Nikki and Phyllis are also aware of this and so, they want to have Ashley use this man’s obsession to gather information about Diane.

Diane will make every effort to keep everything hidden from Jack throughout, but it will be more difficult once Jeremy Stark moves into the region. It appears that she and Jeremy were acquainted, as were Tucker and Jeremy. So, things are likely to get complicated for Tucker and Diane after Jeremy comes out as Nikki’s supporter.

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Elsewhere, Sally will choose to carry on with her life while might have to deal with her ex-boyfriend more harshly in the process. We could picture Sally easily severing all ties with Adam and completely ignoring his presence, even during encounters around Genoa City, rather than trying to mend their relationship.

In any event, Sharon will probably find out about Sally and Nick’s romantic dinner. She is well aware that Sally has had difficulty moving past Adam, so she might be concerned that Nick will experience another heartbreak as a result.

Regardless, she will give him advice regardless of whether he wants it or not, and she might advise him against hurting Sally’s heart later.

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In the meantime, Summer will also be notified of developments between Nick and Sally. She is prepared to leave the past behind, but she still doesn’t want to witness Nick suffer another heartbreak. So, she may feel inclined to warn Sally while wishes a happy time with her father.

Meanwhile, Phyllis is likely to reveal something related to Diane’s upcoming drama. She might also be encouraged to reunite with Jack again as a result of this.

On the other side, Victoria and Nate will need to be more aggressive in their approach if they truly desire to seize control of the Chancellor-Winters. While Devon and Lily will be occupied handling a problem at their enterprises. Moreover, Jill might return home to discover the organization embroiled in serious chaos in the soap series.

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The young and restless 10-17-22 preview

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