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The bold and the beautiful Monday Spoiler | 26th September 2022

The bold and the beautiful 9-26-22 spoiler, Monday :

Nikki from The Young and the Restless will visit Forrester Creations for a crucial conversation with Eric. Of course, her main objective is to gather information about Diane.

However, another reason for her visit is because of her granddaughter, Summer, who is about to have a marriage renewal soon. So, Nikki wants to get a beautiful dress for her granddaughter to wear on that day.

Eric and Nikki will then discuss the kind of style Summer prefers and also her taste in dress designs.
Later, when it’s time for Nikki to return home, she will have a meeting with Deacon. It seems that he gives her something that might be useful to bring down Diane.

He will seal this arrangement with Nikki in the hopes that it will prevent her from taking legal action against him for his role in staging Diane’s demise. Nikki will decide to leave him alone, even if she can never forget what he did.

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Moreover, Deacon’s current state of restlessness is understandable given that he is covertly hiding a wanted criminal. It is possible that Sheila, in her disguised form, will almost encounter Nikki at the restaurant down the road.

Likewise, when Brooke sees Thomas carrying a knife at the Forrester mansion, she will become more concerned. It’s better if he doesn’t carry something dangerous since he is becoming increasingly irritated.
When he claimed that Brooke was going to lose everything, including her husband and her family, she was taken aback.

And when he said that, he aimed the knife towards her to make it look like a threat.
She becomes worried about her safety as Thomas points the knife more and more. Following this encounter, both of them will reveal their own version of what happened.

The bold and the beautiful Monday Spoiler | 26th September 2022, The bold and the beautiful 9-26-22 Spoiler

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