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The Young and the Restless Monday Spoiler | 26th September 2022 (CBS)

The Young and the Restless 9-26-22 spoiler, Monday :

Nick has issues about Victoria’s ambitions, but with Victor’s backing, he is unable to oppose his sister. Nick will also be made aware of the family drama that resulted from Victoria and Billy revealing the truth about Johnny’s bio mom shocker.

Billy will agree to come clean due to Chelsea Lawson’s relentless nagging. And when Johnny is playing soccer at the park, Billy and Victoria will be getting ready to tell him the truth about his bio mom.

Since Johnny is becoming older, they feel he has a right to know the truth. As a result, they will admit that the woman who gave birth to him was someone else, but Johnny will become upset when he finds out it was Chelsea, Connor’s mother. Back at Crimson Light, Billy will advise Chelsea to wait and give Johnny time to comprehend the thoughts they have thrown at him.

Since Johnny is a content child and if he chooses to continue with the present scenario, he will advise that they won’t push this any further. Instead, he will persuade Chelsea that her engagement in this affair is not something they have agreed upon.

He feels that would be best for Johnny, but Chelsea doesn’t appear to be happy with it. Given this, she might grieve and hope Johnny is okay, even though everything is now unimportant.

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She will then meet Adam, who is organizing a family trip to an amusement park for Connor Newman. However, Chelsea will decline it in memory of her horrible day, which may lead to conflict between the former couple in the soap series.

Elsewhere, Nate will offer Audra extra info on all the important players in Genoa City as they continue their talk. He will also discuss Chancellor Winters, but he won’t have anything to say when it comes to Devon.

Jill, Lily, and Devon will agree to with taking the company public. Jill will also mention about IPO expert to Devon and Lily so, they will probably meet with this woman who may be named Audra.

While on the topic, Devon will question Billy’s commitment to the company. He considers Billy’s limited participation and disinterest to be suspicious. But Lily will defend his boyfriend while insisting that he is attempting to force passion that does not exist in his job.

Nate will partner with Victoria in the meantime and inform her of Chancellor-Winter’s intentions to go public. So, they will keep making plans and getting ready before they swipe the entire company in the soap series.

The Young and the Restless Monday Spoiler | 26th September 2022, The Young and the Restless 9-26-22 Spoiler

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