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The Bold And The Beautiful Tuesday Spoiler | 3rd October 2022

The Bold and the Beautiful September 2022 Spoiler

The Bold And The Beautiful 10-3-22 spoiler

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, October 4. I Hope Spencer will continue to make a stand for Douglas despite how everything thinks about this.

Also, she’ll remain compassionate about Thomas despite his urge to have full custody of Douglas. Brooke has been rather worried about Thomas drifting back to his evil ways. But even then, Hope continues to be his champion in the soap series.

However, we have to wonder if it’s the right choice to make. Perhaps Ho Liam and Brooke have to say about the situation.

She is destined to fall hard and have her heart shattered to pieces. We’ve often wondered how she has the ability to always see the best in people. And despite the recent CPS shockers, she’ll defend Thomas without confirming the real culprit.

We can assume that she’ll take Thomas’s side against her mother in this recent disaster. So, let’s see what happens on this episode of B&B.;

Meanwhile, the spoilers reveal that Ridge will give Brooke a last chance to do the right thing and come clean about the mysterious call. Ridge knows for a fact that he heard Brooke’s voice on the recording, and he wants his wife to accept that she made a mistake. So, he will once again question Brooke if she ever called CPS on Thomas.

He expects an honest answer, but Brooke keeps on refusing that she ever called them. Brooke will stand by her explanation and Ridge keeps on questioning her side of the story.

This will eventually serve as a wake-up call for Ridge’s destiny. He will have his mind drift back towards Taylor Hayes. He will even argue that Taylor has always been truthful about things.

Brooke becomes the victim of Thomas’s voice changer app scam. While still torn between his wife and Taylor, Ridge will give his love life a serious thought.

Will his most recent exchange with Brooke lead him directly back to Taylor’s arms? We do know that his upcoming e him straight to Aspen. He will think about taking some time off, while this is the perfect chance for Taylor to deliver the final blow.

Good Bye and See You Again.

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The Bold And The Beautiful 10-3-22 spoiler

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