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General Hospital Tuesday Spoiler | 20th September 2022

General Hospital September 2022 Spoiler

General Hospital Tuesday Spoiler:

Ava has recovered and that is something to be congratulated on what happened to ava is truly terrifying because of ava’s incident. The Quartermaine family’s donation party ended up in panic ava was attacked by a mysterious person with a sharp hook so she seriously was injured.

But perhaps she was taken to the emergency room in time.

Ava recovered and received the doctor’s permission to leave the hospital.

however, as long as the killer is not found, she will still be protected by the police 24/7.

the most concerning issue right now is to kill probably the identity of the killer.

Ava did not hold a heavy garage against anyone so it is unknown whether she would want to kill ava.
ava did not remember the characteristics of the culprit because at that time everything happened so fast that she could not regain her senses. It seems that this killer’s motive is not simple at all because as soon as ava recovered there was his next victim this time.

Brandon’s the target of the assassin Brando used to work in the underworld so it’s not like his close friends are mediocre at that time. Brandon was also a spy on Suana and So Nexus Tyrus, So it will not be an easy matter To Harm Brando.

however, we did not expect that Brandon was seriously injured.

he was taken to the hospital in a very critical condition and was close to death.

Gladys after receiving this news was very shocked.

she used to love Brando very much and could not imagine this could happen to Brando. Gladys suffered a stroke. Shortly After Learning Brando Was on the verge of death.

General Hospital Spoiler | 19th Sep – 23rd Sep 2022

Now Even Gladys Fainted, so the situation came even more complicated. if even Brando because the target of the murder. Surely among the people of poor Charles, anyone could be the next victim coming to this country, every one is feeling extremely confused. the police side is working at full capacity to find out if the criminal has left clues but one thing’s for sure. he will have to take further action and has no intention of stopping.

Dante and Jordan are both highly focused on this serious case that clearly understood this killer was continuing to focus on a third target. Dante is also very worried about sam and tells her not to go out on her own but to stay in the house, and lock the door.

During this time, it’s best for sam to pay attention to his own safety if something is too necessary to be reluctant We go out. Otherwise, sam is forced to stay at home so that Dante does not have to worry

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