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General Hospital Monday Spoiler | 14th September 2022

General Hospital September 2022 Spoiler

General Hospital Monday Spoiler:

In Monday’s episode, Curtis and Marshall will be together at the hospital as Curtis waits for his DNA findings. It seems that his psychotic tendencies can’t be passed down to his kids, which is a relief.

Marshall will believe Curtis to be fortunate and may want to know his plans for the future. Of course, Curtis might want to have children, but maybe he already has one, and that Is none other than Trina.

Portia will be at peace knowing that her daughter won’t have any psychotic traits. However, Jordan knows that Portia is hiding the truth about Curtis being Trina’s biological father.

So Portia isn’t completely at peace. Speaking of Trina, she’ll insist Spencer tell the truth about his letter In Pentonville. But she will become furious, as she feels that her feelings for him were evident from the start.

These two have been avoiding talking about their emotions all this time. As a result, they will experience some complex feelings. It all started with Esme as an obstruction, and now again, Rory is posing as another obstruction.

General Hospital Spoiler | 14th Nov – 18th Nov 2022

In any case, Spencer and Trine could still wish to be together someday. As for Esme, she will persuade a guard to call the cops, claiming that she doesn’t want Nik to face more trouble when the truth comes out.

But Nik has paid the guard a good amount, so the teen won’t be able to escape so soon. Likewise, Ava knows that Esme has returned, so she will ask Nik what he’s going to do.

But he might hide the truth and claim that he is taking care of it. Elsewhere, when Carly visits Liz, she will tell her that it’s a bad time, but she’ll still force her way in.

Carly might ask the GH nurse about her interaction with Esme, after which Liz visits Nik. She might then learn that he’s holding the pregnant teen hostage.

Meanwhile, Finn will learn that Jordan needs to talk with Liz, who encountered Esme on the dock.

However, his mind will be preoccupied with the recent truth he discovered about Reiko, so he will confide in Alexis for suggestions.

Now that Joss is hiding Dex at her dorm, she’ll experience a close encounter as she tells her RA that she has nothing to hide. There will definitely be some suspicions, but she’s determined to keep him safe at all costs. So, don’t miss what’s next.

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General Hospital Monday Spoiler | 14th November 2022, General Hospital 11-14-22 Spoiler

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