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General Hospital Weekly Spoiler | 4th – 8th Dec 2023

General hospital spoiler and full episode

General Hospital Spoiler- Monday 4 November 2023

  • Brook Lynn is skeptical.
  • Drew informs Carly and Joss about his plans.
  • Sonny and Nina have a disagreement.
  • Molly presents TJ with an idea.
  • Ned confides in Lois.

General Hospital – Tuesday 5, November 2023

  • Ava confronts Cyrus.
  • Laura offers Esme reassurance.
  • Curtis has questions for Sonny.
  • Blaze opens up to Kristina.
  • Dante talks to Sam about his discovery.

General Hospital – Wednesday 6 November 2023

  • Liz and Jake open up to each other.
  • Alexis gives legal help to Finn and Martin.
  • Joss presses Adam about his family.
  • Spencer and Esme have a tense moment.
  • Dante and Jordan reveal something to Laura.

General Hospital – Thursday 7, November 2023

  • Dante provides proof to Anna.
  • Carly is intrigued by a customer.
  • Scott and Lucy reminisce.
  • Portia informs Curtis about an experimental procedure.
  • Gregory, Alexis and Violet have an awkward encounter.

General Hospital – Friday 8, November 2023

  • Anna updates Valentin.
  • Molly and TJ make an offer.
  • Brook Lynn and Chase have an announcement.
  • Lois and Oliva get some help from Cody.

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spoiler | General Hospital 4th Dec – 8th Dec 2023 | Weekly Spoiler

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