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General Hospital Monday Spoiler | 19th September 2022

General Hospital September 2022 Spoiler

General Hospital Monday Spoiler

In Monday’s episode, Victor is in the process of removing all the obstacles that stand in his way. victor really did all the horrible things just to achieve his goals.
victor and valentine’s relationship is only for him to use to make Valentine submit his orders.
Victor even took charlotte hostage so that Valentin would do as he said because valentine was tough, Victor once gave valentine a task but he wouldn’t complete it.

General Hospital Spoiler | 19th Sep – 23rd Sep 2022

Victor was also worried that valentine would betray and ruin his plan. So he captured Valentin.
The abduction of valentine was of course a successful one because Valentin was still not wary of the victor.
Victor’s next goal is to kidnap anna.
Victor thinks that anna will soon find valentine so he will take action first.
The hook killer is a threat to the people of port Charles. His appearance was truly terrifying.
There have been two victims of the killer and it seems he has no intention of stopping.
perhaps it is no coincidence that the relatives next to Sani have all become victims of this name.
First is ava Avery’s mother who is also sonny’s daughter and then sony’s cousin Brando sonny couldn’t help but be wary of the assassin in the dark and he also suspected this guy was targeting him.
Of course, he will take out the people around asani first and the next target could be sony’s two daughters joss and Christina.

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Sani is the boss of the gang so for any enemy that shows up, he doesn’t need to be so worried.
But because this assassin is still unknown.
Sani is very worried because and he does not know how to take precautions elsewhere.
Finn is frantically searching for Liz because she suddenly appears finn couldn’t understand why Liz was suddenly so unknown.
This is clearly not Liz’s style.
she will make it clear to everyone if she wants to leave Los Angeles and go somewhere else.
like before when Liz was faced with mental illness, she declared that she had to go to the shady brook to receive treatment but did not leave quietly Liz and Finn’s relationship had only just begun but they also face a lot of difficulties.
Even so, Finn was always by his side and encouraged Liz.
Now Liz disappeared, leaving Finn in a panic, Liz’s children are also worried about whether their mother is in danger or not.
One thing’s for sure Finn will do his best to find Liz.
At any rate, he would bring Liz back to his children.

General Hospital Monday Spoiler | 19th September 2022, General Hospital 9-19-22 Spoiler

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