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Days of Our Lives -22nd August – 26th August | Weekly Spoiler

Days of Our Lives- Monday 22, August 2022

Gabi grows suspicious of Li when she catches him with Dr. Rolf; Stefan’s brainwashing goes awry; Gwen sits down with Rafe to tell her story of what happened the night Abigail died; Leo confesses his side of the story to Sloan.

Days of Our Lives – Tuesday 23, August 2022

EJ accuses Ava of trying to seduce Johnny; Stefan demands answers from Rolf; Kayla tries to mediate an argument between Steve and Stephanie; Paulina seeks John and Marlena’s help.

Days of Our Lives – Wednesday 24, August 2022

Li is horrified by Rolf’s news; Stefan searches for Gabi; Steve and John crash Stephanie’s meeting; Orpheus pays Kayla and Marlena a visit.

Days of Our Lives – Thursday 25, August 2022

Things heat up between Eric and Jada; Melinda makes a shocking announcement to Gwen and Leo; Chad and Stephanie get reacquainted; Sonny challenges Alex about being a player.

Days of Our Lives – Friday 26, August 2022

Paulina apologizes to Allie; Alex is smitten by Stephanie; Kate asks Roman for another chance; Nicole is horrified to find an undressed Jada in Eric’s bedroom.

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