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General Hospital 12-26-23 Full Episode | GH 26th December 2023

General Hospital

General Hospital 12-26-23 Full Episode 26th December 2023

  • Nina seeks absolution.
  • Spencer and Trina enjoy Christmas Eve together.
  • Ava is alerted.
  • Sonny and Laura look for answers.
  • Esme almost gets caught.


“General Hospital,” a legendary American daytime soap opera, debuted on April 1, 1963, holding the Guinness World Record as the longest-running American soap opera and the third longest globally. Initially set in an unnamed hospital, the show later situated itself in Port Charles, New York. The series starred John Beradino and Emily McLaughlin, with Rachel Ames serving as the longest-running actress from 1964 to 2007. Known for its expansions to other shows like “Port Charles” and “General Hospital: Night Shift,”. It transitioned to high-definition broadcasting in 2009. The show thrived on the compelling storylines of the Quartermaine and Spencer families, peaking in the early ’80s with the iconic “supercouple” Luke and Laura, whose wedding drew a record-breaking 30 million viewers. Renowned for celebrity appearances and critical acclaim, it remains the sole soap opera on ABC since 2012. Marking its 50th anniversary in 2013 and celebrating its 15,000th episode in 2022.

Jon Lindstrom:

Jon Lindstrom left an indelible mark on “General Hospital” with his portrayal of multiple characters, most notably Dr. Kevin Collins and his alter ego Ryan Chamberlain. His versatility and depth as an actor brought an intriguing dynamic to the show.

Dr. Kevin Collins, a respected psychiatrist, emerged as a compassionate and empathetic figure within Port Charles, known for his expertise and dedication to helping others. Conversely, Ryan Chamberlain, his sinister and psychotic twin, created intense drama and suspense with his manipulative and dangerous behavior.

Lindstrom’s portrayal skillfully differentiated between the two characters, showcasing the stark contrast between Kevin’s kindness and Ryan’s malevolence. The gripping storyline involving the dual roles captivated audiences and showcased Lindstrom’s talent in portraying such complex characters.

His performances earned him acclaim, highlighting his ability to navigate between the light and dark aspects of the characters, leaving an enduring impact on “General Hospital” and its viewers.

General Hospital Full Episode


“General Hospital,” a fixture on ABC since its debut, was initially filmed at Sunset Gower Studios until the mid-1980s. Before relocating to The Prospect Studios.

Over its history, the show changed hands multiple times. It began as a co-production of Plitt Theatres and Selmur Productions until ABC acquired it outright in 1968. Ownership shifted through mergers, from ABC’s separate conglomerate to Capital Cities/ABC in 1985, then to The Walt Disney Company in 1996. The soap resumed production in July 2020 after a pandemic-induced hiatus. Becoming Disney’s first series to resume filming during the COVID-19 pandemic. The show continues its legacy as a long-standing fixture in Hollywood, maintaining its place on ABC’s programming lineup.

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“General Hospital,” launched in 1963, centered initially on Steve Hardy and Nurse Jessie Brewer at an unnamed hospital. In 1970, a turnaround came with Gloria Monty’s arrival. Creating the iconic supercouple, Luke and Laura, whose 1981 wedding became daytime TV history. Under Wendy Riche’s leadership in the ’90s, the show embraced social issues, showcasing a heart transplant and HIV/AIDS awareness. Love stories, like that of Stone and Robin, grappled with AIDS-related challenges. Notable events included primetime episodes and the spin-off, Port Charles. However, The series reached milestones with its 11,000th and 15,000th episodes, moving to high-definition television in 2009. Changes in creative teams saw Carlivati’s tenure, marked by memorable story arcs and returns of beloved characters for the show’s 50th anniversary. Various head writer transitions followed, leading to the celebration of the 15,000th episode in June 2022, spotlighting Laura Spencer.

General Hospital 12-26-23 Full Episode | December 26th 2023

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