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Emmerdale 24th October 2022 Full Episode

  • Chas worries Aaron will spill her secret affair.
  • Meanwhile, Bernice organizes a storm clear-up, and Bob feels put upon.

Emmerdale 24th October 2022 – Season 33 Ep 252

About the Show:

Emmerdale (known as Emmerdale Ranch until 1989) is an English drama set in Emmerdale, an imaginary town in the Yorkshire Dales. Made by Kevin Laffan, Emmerdale Homestead was the first transmission on 16 October 1972.

Inside scenes have been recorded at the Leeds Studios since its initiation. Outside scenes were first recorded in Arncliffe in Littondale, and the series might have taken its name from Amerdale, an old name of Littondale. Outside scenes were subsequently taken shots at Esholt, yet are currently taken shots at a reason fabricated set on the Harewood bequest. The program is communicated in each ITV area.

Emmerdale has had an enormous number of characters since it started, with its cast bit by bit growing in size. The series has additionally had to change homes and organizations for its characters. The series is set in Emmerdale (known as Beckindale until 1994), a made-up town in the Yorkshire Dales. It has been noticed that the imaginary town traverses 3,217 sections of land and is found 39 miles from Bradford and 52 miles from Leeds.

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