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Days of Our Lives Wednesday Spoiler | 21st September 2022

Days of Our Lives September Spoiler

Days of Our Lives Wednesday Spoiler | Wednesday, September 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Wednesday, September 21. Remember how Kristen and John used to have a thing in the past. Given their long and complicated history, it’s not a new thing that she’ll play mind games on John and have him explode in anger.

Kristen has the power to push him over the edge, which will have him make a wrong move at the worst time possible. Wednesday’s episode will feature John’s explosive scenes at the custody hearing.

While the man has been trying to keep his cool, Kristen knows exactly where she needs to strike. They have had a spicy history over the years, and she’ll manipulate him like it’s a child’s play on Days of Our Lives. And after John furiously explodes at people at the hearing, he’ll be at the receiving end of a harsh judgment.

It’s for a fact that John is distracted by his wife’s medical situation. Kayla and Marlena will be seen at the hospital waiting for some crucial reports as they wonder what’s happened.

They’ll be nervous while waiting for some answers, and it won’t be good news for the former hostages. Marlena, Kayla, and Kate have all been injected with a toxin and they have started showing strange symptoms. And it’s just a matter of days before they all collapse, and get hospitalized with a mind-blowing diagnosis.

Now that Dr. Rex Brady is back, he’ll take charge of this case. He’ll find out the toxin used, and also a possible solution, but it’s kind of impossible to get. Finally, Chloe needs a favor from Kate, so we have to wonder what’s this about.

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As we know, desperate times call for desperate measures. So, Chloe must be really bothered by something important if she is asking for a favor from Kate. Kate already has her own problems to deal with, so we doubt she can do anything for Chloe.

Now, the spoilers reveal that Chloe is about to make a massive confession, so we have to wait and see how Brady responds to this exposure. This is surely about Stefan’s comeback and her feelings for the man. Will she dump Brady, and move back to Stefan. That’s the question we all want an answer to.

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Days of Our Lives Wednesday Spoiler | 21st September 2022

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