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Days of Our Lives Tuesday Spoiler | 20th September 2022

Days of Our Lives September Spoiler

Days of Our Lives Tuesday Spoiler | 20th September 2022

days of our lives spoilers Tuesday, September 20 nancy and Clyde will be stunned to see Craig back in Salem. we can always expect a muted reaction from nancy to see her ex-husband back in town while she’s on the verge of getting married to Clyde.

Now, we do have to think about the reason why the man is back?
nancy will be devastated over the sight of a former flame and she wonders what brings him back to Salem.

Nancy will be devastated over the sight of her former flame, and she wonders what brings him back to Salem. The return of Craig is not just about the soon-to-be-married couple. Yes, it’s possible that he returns for the wedding, but we doubt that’s the only thing he has in mind.

There must be another reason as to why he comes back, and why now? There have been several speculations about Craig being the person responsible for Abigail’s death.

Even Leo Stark will voice his concerns saying that Craig is the one who stabbed Abigail to death and injured Sonny.

Now, it’s more than obvious that the man has a motive for revenge against Leo. And, how can we forget that Leo caused Craig a ton of heartbreak, so is this how he gets revenge? So, it’s really interesting to note that Chloe’s dad returns back in Salem the same week Chad DiMera learns about Abigail’s murder. So, let’s wait and see who the killer is supposed to be.

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Coming back to Leo, he has some sneaky suspicions about who is trying to frame him for the recent stabbings. He confides his suspicions to Gwen, but we do believe he just put his old scheming pal in the face of danger.

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Meanwhile, Stefan and EJ DiMera will show obvious signs that they have trust issues with each other. Well, that’s not a new thing, and they’ll never be friends. But things are bound to change as EJ makes a stunning proposition to Stefan.

The spoilers reveal that Stefan will be intrigued by the proposition while Chad DiMera finds out the shockers about his return from the grave. Chad will eventually find that Stefan has returned to the land of the living, and he hopes that Abigail had a similar fate.

But that’s not happening. While he struggles with the news about Stefan, he’ll also has a mission to find out the person who killed his wife in cold blood.

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