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Days of Our Lives Thursday Spoiler | 22nd September 2022

Days of Our Lives September Spoiler

Days of Our Lives Thursday Spoiler | September 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Thursday September 22. Chad DiMera has been bothered by this one important question for all these months, who really killed Abigail.

Now, the day has come when finally finds the person responsible for the death of his wife. It looks like Chad may have finally found the answer to the all-important question on this episode of Days.

While we’ve often seen he is the last person to anything, well have a change as he is the first one to crack the mystery of the summer. Sonny recalls the smell of vanilla the night he was stabbed brutally behind the back.

Chad and Will Horton had no idea what this meant, but he finally finds the missing pieces of the puzzle. Chad will discover the identity of the person who murdered Abigail, and stabbed Sonny.

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The revelation will be a part of Friday’s cliffhanger, while today, we see him confirm his finding with the second victim. Upon hearing this, Sonny will also confirm that this person is the one who stabbed him and left him bleeding to death.

All the while, Sonny will have a reason to be worried about all thanks to his brother Alex. He feels betrayed, and he’ll have no other option but to explode at Alex. We can only wonder what’s happening between them as Chad is on the verge of confronting the real murderer with a loaded gun.

Meanwhile, someone is bound to catch Jennifer in the act which eventually turns to a chaotic scene. We believe that the person is Gwen who walks into Jennifer and her bottle of pills. Gwen will learn that Jenn is once again taking drugs, and she’ll now have to make an important decision.

Will Gwen spill the beans or keep silent in order to help Jennifer deal with this problem. And we have to wonder if Jennifer will also lash out in a similar way when someone finds about her problems?

Now that Craig is back in Salem, he will reach out to Leo who is locked up behind bars. The former flames finally meet each other for the first time since they were almost married.

So, this meeting will be rather awkward, and full of surprises to that matter. We know for a fact that they will speak up about some important and unsaid things.

We have to wonder how Leo responds to the sight of Craig. He believes that his ex-fiancé is the one who framed him for the murder of Abigail, and the attempted one of Sonny. So, he’ll demand to know if Craig had anything to do with the recent stabbings.

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Days of Our Lives Thursday Spoiler | 22nd September 2022

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