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Days of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler | 22nd – 26th May 2023

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Days of Our Lives- Monday 22, May 2023

  • Jada questions Sloan about her role in Colin’s schemes.
  • Sloan gets an ultimatum from Eric.
  • Rafe finds Abe in rough condition.
  • Colin is determined to make sure Paulina suffers.
  • EJ proposes to Nicole but it only makes her feel insulted.

Days of Our Lives – Tuesday 23, May 2023

  • Chanel is shocked when Talia steps up to save her from Colin.
  • Rafe has bad news for Jada.
  • Paulina rushes to Abe’s side.
  • Wendy tries to explain her feelings for Tripp to Johnny.
  • Gabi brings Li divorce papers.

Days of Our Lives – Wednesday 24, May 2023

  • John tells Paul about Andrew’s kidnapping.
  • Steve and Harris discover why Dimitri wants immunity for Megan.
  • Kristen reminds Megan of her promise to free her.
  • Kate reunites with Marlena.

Days of Our Lives – Thursday 25, May 2023

  • Kristen’s release from prison disturbs Marlena and Brady.
  • Kate and Roman react similarly to Megan being in Salem.
  • Harris warns Shawn that Megan is out of prison.
  • Xander makes Chloe a job offer.

Days of Our Lives – Friday 26, May 2023

  • Gabi and Stefan’s celebrate their upcoming wedding.
  • Anna lies to Tony about the secret Nicole is keeping.
  • Nicole goes to Kayla for a paternity test.
  • EJ is startled when he bumps into Megan in his home.

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22nd May- 26th May 2023 | Weekly Spoiler

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (May 22, 2023)

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