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Days of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler | 5th – 9th June 2023

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Days of Our Lives- Monday 5, June 2023

  • Eric, EJ, and Nicole wait for the paternity test results.
  • Jada pays Sloan a visit.
  • Worrying that Colin is after him, Leo turns to Gwen.
  • Megan wants Dimitri to marry Kristen.
  • Chloe complains about Gwen to Xander.

Days of Our Lives – Tuesday 6, June 2023

  • Gwen catches up with Kristen.
  • Jada questions Leo about Colin.
  • Talia apologizes to Rafe for deceiving him.
  • Shawn loses it with Belle.
  • Xander is on the receiving end of a slap from Chloe.

Days of Our Lives – Wednesday 7, June 2023

  • Nurse Whitley (played by Kim Coles) tries to make Abe comfortable.
  • Julie cheers up Paulina, who’s missing Abe.
  • Learning that Talia is out on bail sets Chanel off.
  • Talia is terrified when she’s cornered by Colin.
  • Rafe and Jada get information about Abe.
  • Tripp tells Wendy what he wants.

Days of Our Lives – Thursday 8, June 2023

  • Chanel freaks out after learning that Paulina is missing.
  • Paulina confronts Colin.
  • Whitley keeps Abe isolated from the world.
  • Jada and Sloan discuss the legal problems their siblings face.
  • Johnny tells Wendy why he took her side.

Days of Our Lives – Friday 9, June 2023

  • Abe refuses to open the door to Rafe.
  • Discovering that Paulina is her new patient has Whitley rattled.
  • Roman tells Kate he’s going to help Steve and John look for Abe.
  • Harris gets a job offer from Kate.
  • Megan pushes Dimitri to prepare for his “interview” with Gwen.
  • Gwen and Leo discuss their failed relationships and wishes.

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5th June – 9th June 2023 | Weekly Spoiler

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