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Days of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler | 19th – 23rd June 2023

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Days of Our Lives- Monday 19, June 2023

  • Eli, Olivia, and Theo arrive in Salem for Juneteenth and Abe and Paulina’s anniversary.
  • Chad helps Theo prepare for making his dad’s speech.
  • Eli spends some time with Doug and Julie.
  • Chanel catches Talia doing something kind.
  • Whitley goes along with it when Abe realizes it’s his anniversary.

Days of Our Lives – Tuesday 20, June 2023

  • Abe questions Whitley about his memories of his wedding day.
  • Paulina is comforted by Chanel, Julie, Eli, and Theo.
  • Julie and Gabi’s antagonism flares up.
  • Leo calls out Megan over her and Dimitri using Gwen.
  • Dimitri tells Gwen he loves her.

Days of Our Lives – Wednesday 21, June 2023

  • Steve and Kayla think about how fortunate they were to reunite.
  • Alex and Brady close a deal but Maggie is furious.
  • Stephanie and Chad decide to take the next step in their relationship.
  • Xander tells Chloe about a strange encounter with Bonnie.

Days of Our Lives – Thursday 22, June 2023

  • Sarah is shocked that Justin learned her secret from Bonnie.
  • Xander tries catching up with Justin.
  • Belle and Brady fill each other in on what’s been happening.
  • Chad and Stephanie are shocked when Maggie makes him a job offer.

Days of Our Lives – Friday 23, June 2023

  • Eli offers to help with Abe’s case.
  • Belle and Talia meet with Melinda and plead for leniency.
  • Chanel tells Paulina about how Talia was abused.
  • Abe is surprised when Whitley informs him that his son is in town.

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19th June – 23rd June 2023 | Weekly Spoiler

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Days of our Lives 6-19-23 weekly spoiler

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