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Days of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler | 21st – 25th August 2023

Days of Our Lives September Spoiler

Days of Our Lives- Monday 21, August 2023

  • Victor and Nikki strategize their latest mergers and acquisitions.
  • Victor loses his patience with Adam, knowing he is behind the merger discussion.
  • Audra tells Kyle about the blackmail.
  • Audra and Kyle have sex.
  • Kyle goes to the wedding late.
  • Audra approaches Victor with her blackmail at the hands of Adam.

Days of Our Lives – Tuesday 22, August 2023

  • Sloan is interrupted while making a confession.
  • Li has plans for a romantic date.
  • Melinda contemplates outing Sloan’s secret.
  • Johnny and Chanel face up to how they feel.

Days of Our Lives – Wednesday 23, August 2023

  • There are doubts about how reliable Ava is.
  • Tripp and Wendy consider a major choice.
  • The validity of Dimitri’s marriage is put into question.
  • Gwen interrupts someone being intimate.

Days of Our Lives – Thursday 24, August 2023

  • Marlena and Roman share memories of Victor.
  • Melinda raises some suspicions with her actions.
  • EJ assumes his nightmare is a sign.
  • Harris tries to keep Ava calm.

Days of Our Lives – Friday 25, August 2023

  • Melinda gives relationship advice to Sloan.
  • Kate is surprised by a visitor.
  • Chloe is stunned by who pops up.
  • Sarah admits to lying to Xander.

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21st August – 25th August 2023 | Weekly Spoiler

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (August 21, 2023)

Days of our Lives 8-21-23 weekly spoiler

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