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Days of Our Lives Monday Spoiler | 19th September 2022

Days of Our Lives September Spoiler

Days of Our Lives Monday Spoiler | 19th September 2022

Chad and will Horton will persuade sonny to remember the night he was stabbed brutally behind the back. The spoilers revealed that they’ll ask sunny the right questions as he gets some flashbacks of what exactly happened.

we really look forward to chad solving the mystery about establishing who killed Abigail. So let’s see how sonic’s recollection of that night helps chad to find out the person responsible for his wife’s death.

Meanwhile, nancy miller will have suspicions about Clyde after overhearing his conversation and a phone call. while Clyde is making preparations to propose to nancy she’ll have some other thoughts. She’ll accuse the man of cheating while the reality is completely different.

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Clyde will convince nancy that it’s not about betraying another person. Even then she feels confused about what’s happening while the man keeps silent about his plans to propose in the most fascinating way. It’s just a matter of days before he goes down on one knee and proposed to nancy for marriage.

elsewhere Xander and Sarah’s recent wedding has turned into complete chaos we really feel bad for the couple as they finally tied the
knots after all the drama. it’s only been days since they got married and they’re already facing some massive problems in their relationship like always.

As we know Sarah dumped her husband for sleeping with Nicole walker also Xander took 1 million dollars to crash her anniversary with eric Brady. So he now wants to make amends and save his marriage from falling apart.

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Xander will confide his issues with jack Tavarox in order to find out a solution to his problems. Jack urges the man to be patient with Sarah, but we doubt Xander can ever do that. While that happens, Sarah needs some time away from her lying husband, so we wonder what Santa does in this episode.

finally, Leo stark is really desperate to have himself off the hook for the murder of Abigail and the attempted one of sunny. So, he will reach out to Gwen who will not be that happy to see Leo on days.
He really looks forward to Gwen’s support and this dilemma, but the question is: will she help him?

Liu needs to find the real killer as soon as possible. so let’s see how he saves himself from the shocker trap in the series.

Days of Our Lives Monday Spoiler | 19th September 2022

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