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Days of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler | 7th – 11th November 2022

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Days of Our Lives- Monday 7, November 2022

  • Susan finds herself in a terrifying situation.
  • Chloe and Stefan discuss their potential relationship.
  • Johnny and Wendy turn to Anna for help.
  • Xander wrestles with his conscience.

Days of Our Lives – Tuesday 8, November 2022

  • On Election Day, Abe and Paulina eagerly await the results of their respective races for Mayor and Governor.
  • Sloan rips Alex for his betrayal.
  • Chad confesses his feelings to Stephanie.
  • Shawn informs Julie she’s been accused of a crime!

Days of Our Lives – Wednesday 9, November 2022

  • Chanel is arrested! Sloan informs Chad she’s regained the upper hand.
  • Leo opens up to Sonny.
  • Paulina comes clean with Abe.

Days of Our Lives – Thursday 10, November 2022

  • EJ confides in Tony about Ava’s demands.
  • Bonnie’s celebration for Maggie and Victor leads to a shocking discovery.
  • Susan pleads for her freedom.
  • Rafe and Nicole’s marriage reaches its breaking point.

Days of Our Lives – Friday 11, November 2022

  • Xander runs into a new problem.
  • Nicole and Eric have an emotional breakthrough.
  • Jada reels from a major betrayal.
  • Ava scrambles when EJ turns the tables on her.

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Days of Our Lives -7th November – 11th November 2022 | Weekly Spoiler

Days of our lives 11-11-22 weekly spoiler

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