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Days of Our Lives Friday Spoiler | March 2, 2023

Days of Our Lives Spoiler | Friday, March 2, 2023

Right now, Stefan is thinking clearly thanks to his narrow escape from the abduction by the Brady brothers and their hired mad scientist. All of that changes, though, when his brother turns against him. Stefan escaped Brady and Eric’s abduction.

The ex-priest assisted his brother by breaking Dr. Rolf out of prison through unethical means. Even if things didn’t work out the way Brady had wanted, it appears that the deprogramming had the desired effect.

Sooner or later, Stefan will meet Chloe, and the shift in his behavior also surprises her. He expresses his disinterest in her. Furthermore, he tells her about the abduction, which makes her hate Brady even more.
Afterward, after learning Gabi’s current address, Stefan immediately goes to see her and declares her his soulmate. However, her husband interrupts just as they’re beginning to really appreciate their time together.

Likewise, Li tells that Gabi promised to remain married to him for another six months, which astounds her guy. Similarly, EJ is also about to drop a bombshell. He confesses to Nicole that he had the drug vial’s fingerprints taken.

It confirms that Stefan drugged him, along with Nicole. Now, EJ wants to do the same thing to Stefan, so he reveals to her that he has a sneaky scheme to get even with his brother.

EJ intends to keep letting Stefan drug him. In any case, he’ll switch the glasses so that Stefan gets the one mixed with drugs. The fact that Nicole approves of this strategy is helpful. She also lets him know that she’s officially his girl and over Eric for good.

In any case, Stefan will only end up harming himself if he keeps trying to drug his older brother. He has deep resentment against EJ for allowing Li and Kristen to treat him so poorly. So, to get even with his brother, he intends to take Li’s wife.

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Stefan has no clue that EJ is onto him, but by the conclusion of next week, everything will be turned around on him. So he gets back to work on his revenge plan, and once again, he drugs EJ’s drink. Nevertheless, Nicole and EJ are prepared for him this time.

But keep in mind that Stefan recently suffered brain damage from Rolf’s terrible laboratory equipment. So, it’s possible that he will respond differently to the medications than the other two. It seems that his evil plan may come back to haunt him.

Goodbye, and See you again.

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That’s all that’s going to happen in Salem on Friday that we find out.

Days of Our Lives Friday 2, 2023, | Friday 2 February 2023

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