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Days of our Lives 4-10-23 Full Episode | DOOL April 10th, 2023

Days of our Lives 4-10-23 Episode (S58 E146):

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  • Stephanie seeks Marlena’s help to find Kayla.
  • a family emergency forces Tripp to cancel on Wendy.
  • Steve is stunned when he comes face-to-face with Bo.
  • Hope and Harris run into a problem at the Greek taverna.

Tamara Braun:

Thaao Penghlis is an Australian-born actor of Greek descent, best known for his roles in daytime soap operas. He was born on December 15, 1945, in Sydney, Australia, and began his acting career in the 1970s, appearing in Australian television shows such as “Bellbird” and “Number 96”.

In the 1980s, he moved to the United States and became a regular on the daytime soap “Days of Our Lives,” where he played the dual role of Tony and Andre DiMera. He has also appeared in other popular daytime dramas, including “General Hospital” and “Santa Barbara”. Penghlis has also worked on primetime television shows such as “Mission: Impossible” and “Hart to Hart,” as well as in films like “Altered States” and “The Bell Jar”.

About the show:

Days of Our Lives (also known as DOOL) is a soap opera on American television. It airs on the streaming service Peacock. One of the world’s longest-running scripted television shows, the soap ran on the American network NBC from 1965 to 2022.



“Days of Our Lives” is a long-running television soap opera. It first premiered on November 8, 1965, and since then, become a beloved staple in American television, Created by Ted and Betty Corday. The Brady and Horton families are the series’ primary focus. The location is set in Illinois in the fictional city of Salem. The DiMera and Kiriakis families, on the other hand, are frequently represented. From the show’s beginning until her passing in 2010, the actress Frances Reid. She played Alice Horton, the matriarch of the Horton family, and was a part of it. Her last formal appearance happened in December 2007. Suzanne Rogers has been on the show since August 1973, making her the longest-serving member of the current cast and the longest-serving cast member of an ongoing American soap opera: Susan Seaforth Hayes – the second longest-serving entertainer presently on the program.

Days of our Lives 4-10-23 Full Episode | DOOL 10th March 2023

Days of our Lives Weekly Preview 2022

Days of our lives History:

In April 1975, daily episodes are increase from 30 minutes to 60 minutes due to the show’s popularity. Since its debut, Days of Our Lives is syndicated in numerous nations worldwide. The cleanser was titled “most trying show” in the seventies because the episodes wander into subjects that different cleansers of the period wouldn’t even consider covering for a second. Ken Corday is the show’s executive producer, and Albert Alarr is the co-executive producer. This position is held by Corday since his mother, Betty, retire from the show in 1986. As of Walk 2023, Days of Our Lives is reestablished through September 2025. On December 17, 2020, the soap celebrated its 14,000th episode

Notable storylines:

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The show’s iconic opening narration, which begins with “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives,” has become synonymous with the series. “Days” has tackled a wide range of storylines throughout the years, from romance and family drama to crime and mystery. Many characters have come and gone, but some have remained fan favorites, such as c, John Black, and Stefano DiMera. The show’s ability to address difficult topics head-on, such as mental illness, addiction, and abuse, has earned it a loyal following and critical acclaim. With its signature mix of drama, humor, and heart, “Days of Our Lives” continues to captivate audiences. And hold a special place in the history of daytime television.

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Days of our Lives 4-10-23 and Watch  (DOOL 10th), or DOOL 10th April 2023 Days of our Lives DOOL 10th April 2023 Full Episode or Days of our Lives 4/10/23

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