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Days of Our Lives -29th August – 2nd September | Weekly Spoiler

Days of Our Lives- Monday 29, August 2022

  • Mac and Felicia make a realization.
  • Joss finds Ava in trouble.
  • Sonny is upset about how his family treats Nina.
  • Elizabeth opens up to Nikolas.
  • Cody and Britt confront each other; Finn gives Spencer advice.

Days of Our Lives – Tuesday 30, August 2022

  • Tense events at the Quartermaine picnic rattle the town.
  • Carly comforts Josslyn in regard to her harrowing ordeal.
  • Finn and Elizabeth discuss their issues.
  • Brook Lynn confronts Drew about his feelings for Carly.

Days of Our Lives – Wednesday 31, August 2022

  • Trina awaits news.
  • Anna makes an important realization; Valentin calls out Lucy.
  • Finn questions Nikolas’ motives.
  • Brando and Sasha clash.

Days of Our Lives – Thursday 1, September 2022

  • Elizabeth confides in Finn.
  • Anna and Valentin come to an agreement.
  • Drew opens up to Curtis.
  • Carly rethinks her decision.
  • Jordan has questions for Victor.

Days of Our Lives – Friday 2, September 2022

  • Sonny demands answers from Nina.
  • Spencer has a nightmare.
  • Josslyn takes Cameron by surprise.
  • Willow makes a decision.
  • Dex is disappointed.

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General Hospital -29th August – 2nd September | Weekly Spoiler

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