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Days of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler | 26th Sep – 30th Sep 2022

Days of Our Lives September Spoiler

Days of Our Lives- Monday 26, September 2022

  • Chloe tries to get Craig to help her stop Nancy’s wedding.
  • EJ has shocking news for Belle.
  • Chad wants blood.
  • Rafe and Jada try to find Abigail’s killer.

Days of Our Lives – Tuesday 27, September 2022

  • Chad gets the details of the night Abigail was murdered.
  • Belle and EJ search for Chad.
  • Gwen exposes Jennifer’s secret to Jack.
  • Jennifer is driven over the edge.

Days of Our Lives – Wednesday 28, September 2022

  • Chad says goodbye to a vision of Abigail.
  • Gabi is upset by the way Stefan is behaving.
  • Allie tells Johnny he’s overstayed his welcome.
  • EJ has an offer for Ava and Johnny.

Days of Our Lives – Thursday 29, September 2022

  • Rex has a realization about Kate’s illness.
  • Kristen turns to Rolf for help.
  • Brady catches Stefan and Chloe together.
  • Stephanie is upset with Steve for not informing her of her mother’s illness.

Days of Our Lives – Friday 30, September 2022

  • Kristen makes a shocking accusation against Brady.
  • Chloe is surprised to find Stefan at her door.
  • EJ has a proposition for Stefan.
  • Johnny asks Allie for a favor.

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Days of Our Lives -26th September – 30th September | Weekly Spoiler

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