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Days of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler | 23rd – 27th Jan 2023

Days of Our Lives September Spoiler

Days of Our Lives- Monday 23, January 2023

  • Will, Belle, and Eric pray Marlena will miraculously recover.
  • John watches as Sarah attempts to revive Marlena.
  • Allie confronts Johnny and Channel about them almost kissing. 
  • Wendy comforts a distraught Tripp.

Days of Our Lives – Tuesday 24, January 2023

  • Marlena encounters a familiar face in a heavenly setting.
  • Eric turns to Sloan for some solace.
  • Allie gets some advice from Alex. 
  • Paulina hires Stephanie in the fight against Sloan.

Days of Our Lives – Wednesday 25, January 2023

  • Gabi receives an apology from Wendy, who encourages her not to give up on Stefan.
  • Allie demands the truth from Chanel.
  • EJ drops a bomb on Li. 
  • Stefan goes after revenge on EJ. 

Days of Our Lives – Thursday 26, January 2023

  • Allie opens up to Alex about Chanel.
  • Chanel and Johnny discuss their feelings for each other.
  • Gabi attempts to keep an unconscious Stefan hidden from EJ.
  • Nicole has a fraught moment with Sloan over Eric. 
  • Stefan’s revenge plot has some collateral damage.

Days of Our Lives – Friday 27, January 2023

  • Gabi twists Li to get what she wants.
  • A drugged Nicole tells EJ she wants sex.
  • Sloan rubs Roman the wrong way.
  • Allie is furious when she catches Johnny and Chanel together.

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23rd – 27th January 2023 | Weekly Spoiler

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (January 23, 2023)

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