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Days of Our Lives Wednesday Spoiler | February 1, 2023

Days of Our Lives Spoiler | Wednesday, January 1, 2023

Now that Dr. Rolf has returned, he will begin his treatment of Stefan. However, Stefan will fight to the end to deny undoing his programming. Gabi will convince him that she’s doing what’s best for him and that he should be given the freedom to decide things for himself.

In any case, it seems that some kind of difficulty arises during the procedure. Dr. Rolf will have to create a laboratory since he will not have access to his regular one.

All the sparks will cause his equipment to almost catch fire, and that’s when things will get crazy. The deprogramming process will continue even though Gabi will be somewhat worried about Stefan’s well-being.

She is keeping her fingers crossed that everything will turn out well and that he will return to his old self. Elsewhere, Xander and Sarah will argue over the divorce paperwork.

She will insist that he sign the document and refuse to even discuss getting back together with him, no matter how much he begs her. Gwen, on the other hand, was just expelled from the Horton family after being disowned, dismissed, and exiled.

She is on her way to his hotel room, where the two of them may share in each other’s suffering. As for Jack, he will be feeling down since he actually abandoned his daughter after making a threat.

In any case, he will be distracted from his worries when Chad confides in him and asks for guidance. Apparently, Chad will report on his progress in developing a relationship with Stephanie.

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He has also been having trouble getting over Abigail. However, Jack will encourage him to move on and find someone new to start a new life. Meanwhile, Alex will try one last time to make things right between him and Stephanie.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any interest in getting back with him and will reject him. His efforts are doomed to failure, and he’ll simply have to learn to live with the pain for the time being. As a result, Chad will finally decide to tell Stephanie how he feels, which will greatly impact his life.

Goodbye, and See you again.

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That’s all that’s going to happen in Salem on Wednesday that we find out.

Days of Our Lives Wednesday 1, 2023, | Wednesday 1st February 2023

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