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Days of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler | 13th – 17th Mar 2023

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Days of Our Lives- Monday 13, March 2023

  • EJ and Nicole’s scheme falls apart.
  • Gwen and Alex drink together and share their miseries.
  • Tripp tells Wendy about the stunt Johnny pulled and she’s furious.
  • Li turns on the charm with Gabi.

Days of Our Lives – Tuesday 14, March 2023

  • Leo is shocked by what he sees when he gets home.
  • Belle and Sloan join forces to help Eric and Brady.
  • EJ and Nicole need a new plan to deal with Stefan.
  • Johnny confronts Stefan.

Days of Our Lives – Wednesday 15, March 2023

  • EJ and Stefan put it all out there.
  • Appealing to Gabi’s ambitions helps Li make a little progress with her.
  • Johnny tries to do what’s right.
  • Leo is attacked by Alex, verbally.

Days of Our Lives – Thursday 16, March 2023

  • Roman tries making peace with Lucas.
  • Marlena and Kayla start to worry when they notice Kate is missing.
  • John visits Paul Narita (Christopher Sean) in San Francisco.
  • Steve turns to Andrew Donovan (Colton Little) for help.
  • Megan’s hideaway has a surprise guest.

Days of Our Lives – Friday 17, March 2023

  • While trying to escape, Marlena and Kayla bump into a familiar face. Peter Reckell returns as Bo Brady.
  • Steve and John’s search leads them to Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso).
  • Kate is shocked by who she encounters.
  • Andrew and Paul talk about their relationship.

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13th Feb – 17th March 2023 | Weekly Spoiler

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