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Days of Our Lives Tuesday Spoiler | December 6, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoiler | Tuesday 6, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Tuesday, December 6. Chanel can’t wait for the murder charges to be over with. She wants to put this in the past, and move on. But the shockers are far from over.

She is under the wrong impression that she is off the hook. Even though she is out of prison, she will be devastated by what she finds at Sweet Bits.

Chanel’s trip to Sweet Bits will make her feel like she’ll never escape the consequences of her actions. She finds the store vandalized with the word “murderer” It’s kind of a reminder that she killed a person.

Even though it was an accident, she never meant that she has to deal with the consequences. Sloan will make sure that Chanel pays for what she did in the past.

Meanwhile, Eric is locked up behind bars following his arrest in the recent episode. He punches EJ in the face, and he’ll be arrested for assault. As he spends the night behind bars, we’ll also see Paulina in the prison cell.

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They will make an unusual pair as they both end up in jail. While Eric is frustrated as to what happened, Paulina is the one who starts the conversation. She’ll question the handsome man as to what he did, and why did he end up behind bars?

Nicole wakes up in bed with EJ the next morning, and she is stunned. She’ll be relieved to find out that nothing happened between them, but she’ll have more things to worry about. The spoilers reveal that EJ will make an offer to his former flame.

We know for a fact that Nicole will be wary about any offer that her ex makes after all that has happened in their fast. However, she could be feeling carefree at the moment and accept the offer that EJ is about to make. It seems obvious that she should turn down the proposal, but stranger things have happened in recent times.

We can only wait and watch what the former flames have in mind. Their lives have turned upside down all thanks to the recent events, and they now want a change.

That’s all that’s going to happen in Salem on Tuesday that we find out.

Goodbye, and See you again.

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Days of Our Lives Tuesday 6, 2022, | 6th Tuesday 2022

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