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Days of Our Lives Thursday Spoiler | December 29, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoiler | Thursday, December 29, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Thursday December 29. Wendy Shin is more than devastated over the fact that the wedding is just moments away. And she is now on the verge of spilling the beans and do the right thing in the soap series.

So, on this episode, she will battle with her guilty conscience, and she urges that Gabi deserves to know the truth. Now that its time for Gabi to tie the knots with Li, its a do or die situation for Wendy.
She and Johnny are the ones who found the person responsible for Stefan’s brainwashing. However, they had no other option but to keep their mouth shut.

Now, Wendy will realize that she is making a big mistake, and she plans on exposing her brother’s evil deeds. It’s more than obvious that she’ll drop the bombshell before Gabi gets married to the lying man.

While that happens, Stefan will keep his promise to Chloe and take her away from a memorable New Year’s Eve. As we know, Chloe was kind of bothered with the idea of attending Li and Gabi’s wedding. Which is why, Stefan promised that they’ll skip the awkward drama and enjoy a trip to Miami instead.

So, the spoilers reveal that Chloe and Stefan will have a wonderful New Year’s Eve together while Gabi ends up with pain and misery. The wedding is bound to explode, so when Stefan returns, he will learn some unexpected news in the soap series.

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Meanwhile, Rafe and Jada will have their own plans for New Year’s Eve. They will attend Li and Gabi’s wedding as a couple.

It seems like sparks are flying between them. However, the situation between Jada and Nicole escalates on this episode. They will have a heated encounter and Rafe finds himself troubled in between.

Despite the tense argument, Rafe and Jada will eventually bond and they might be the new couple in town. While Nicole has lost everything, Rafe will move on with Jada in search of a new relationship.

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That’s all that’s going to happen in Salem on Thursday that we find out.

Days of Our Lives Thursday 29, 2022, | December 29th Thursday 2022

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