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Days of Our Lives Thursday Spoiler | December 22, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoiler | Thursday, December 22, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Thursday December 22. We have a list of people returning back in Salem for the holidays. Kate’s celebration just got a little brighter as Rex is coming home today.
The spoilers reveal that Katie will be surprised by an unexpected visitor as Christmas is just a day away. Rex Brady returns home to his family and loved ones in Salem.

But that’s not all to the story. Rex will have some important updates about his life that will be a real excitement for Kate. So, we wonder what’s the good news about.
No matter what the case, it seems like Rex is staying in Salem for a while longer. As Kate, Marlena, and Kayla will face another medical crisis, Rex will do everything to save them from a tragic fate.

Meanwhile, Brady finds himself in a difficult place. Rachel hopes for a Christmas miracle where she wants her mom and dad as a real couple. Kristen would never mind having a reunion with Brady, but the blackmailing scheme is something he will never forget. Brady finds himself in pressure, and he now has no other option but to fulfill Rachel’s wishes.

While he struggles with a choice, Eric offers an unexpected suggestion to Brady. Eric will urge the man to take a leap of faith and reunite with Kristen. But it’s easier said than done. How can Eric suggest something so massive to Brady while his own relationship with Nicole is shattered to pieces.

On the other hand, Stefan is really looking for answers as to why Wendy and Johnny had a trip out of Salem. So, he will confront Wendy with a list of questions and concerns. Stefan knows for a fact that something is really suspicious.

No one is willing to talk, and he now wants an explanation. Which is why, on this episode, Stefan will force an answer from Wendy before Johnny comes upon the scene. Johnny tries to change the topic, but Stefan is determined to find out what really happened.

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Finally, Kristen and Chloe are about to face each other in a heated battle. Kristen is the only reason why Chloe had to lose Brady. So, when they come across each other, things are bound to be explosive.

Chloe will accuse Kristen of manipulating Brady and urges that she does the right thing. But that’s not happening. So, let’s see what the showdown between the two ladies has in store on Wednesday’s episode of Days.

Goodbye, and See you again.

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That’s all that’s going to happen in Salem on Thursday that we find out.

Days of Our Lives Thursday 22, 2022, | December 22nd Thursday 2022

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