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Days of Our Lives Friday Spoiler | December 2, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoiler | Friday 2, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Friday December 2. The drama is set for a wild and passionate moment between Sonny and Leo as things heat up between them.

Leo is in desperate need of help, and Sonny is the one who comes to the rescue. And believe us when we say that Leo himself is more surprised by the things that happen on this episode.

When Sonny saves Leo, he should count his blessings that he has a friend in need. And they surely have a lot more to offer. That’s when Will Horton walks in to see them having a thing.

It’s the beginning of a new dawn for Leo and Sonny that will lead to some severe consequences. The spoilers reveal that Will finds his lover naked with Leo, and wonders what’s happening. So, Friday’s episode is the beginning of a cheating scandal in Salem.

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Marlena and John know for a fact that Brady is being manipulated by Kristen. She has the orchid that can save the lives of the three victims. And now the situation escalates to a point where Marlena is extremely concerned about Brady’s dilemma.

Despite knowing that, there is nothing they can do about this. When Marlena and John work together, there is nothing they can’t do. But can the super couple really stop Kristen from messing up with Brady. His life is already shattered to pieces as he made a deal with the devil. But there’s more to the shockers.
Meanwhile, EJ and Nicole find themselves at the bar, and they now have a lot in common. As we know, pain and misery are something that loves company, so they try to forget the recent heartbreaks. This leads to a steamy one-night stand between them.

Both EJ and Nicole will be drunk beyond control, and they end up hitting the sheets like always. They’ll have a drink to many, and surrender to passion. EJ is devastated over the death of his mother. He was even more stunned when Ava returned back from the grave. So, he has a lot to worry about.

Nicole is also heartbroken by Jada’s pregnancy drama, and how Eric holds her responsible for the change of mind. So, they drink and hookup to forget their misery on Days.

That’s all that’s going to happen in Salem on Friday that we find out.

Goodbye, and See you again.

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Days of Our Lives Friday 2, 2022, | 2nd Friday 2022

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