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Days of Our Lives Thursday Spoiler | December 15, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoiler | Thursday, December 15, 2022

It’s the day of Susan’s memorial service which has a ticking time bomb, and a massive explosion to that matter. Ava plans for Susan’s memorial service to be explosive, and we mean that literally. She’ll put a bomb under the ground and plans to detonate at Susan’s funeral.

This will have many at risk of losing their lives including EJ. Ava is crazy as she is willing to hurt other people for the sake of revenge. She knows for a fact that the memorial service will be full of people, but even then, she explodes the bomb.

However, her plans will face a major setback all thanks to the appearance of Tripp Johnson. Now, it’s confirmed that the bomb will surely explode, and the important question is: who will be the victims of Ava’s crazy revenge scheme?

Meanwhile, Eric and Sloan are locked in a passionate embrace. However, Nicole will barge in for a shocking sight and we doubt she’ll be happy about this. Eric and Sloan will hit the sheets, and when they wake up the next morning, Nicole will walk in for a massive reveal.

She will be furious at Eric, but she is in no position to judge the man. As we know, she and EJ ended up in bed together. Even though nothing happened between them, she has no right to explode at Eric for his hookup.

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Now that Sister Mary Moira Banks is back on the canvas, she’ll have some stunning scenes with Brady. This episode will feature a scene where the man ends up kissing someone unexpected in the drama. The Sister will appear in front of Brady, but he believes that it’s Kristen dressed up as a nun.

So, he lands a passionate kiss just to prove that the person is Kristen, only to realize later that she is the real thing. This comes as a surprise to both of them, and even the viewers. After this, John and Marlena will realize that they need to do something about Kristen.

They have to get the she-devil away from Brady, and out of their lives for good. However, it’s easier said than done. So, let’s see what they have in mind.

Goodbye, and See you again.

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That’s all that’s going to happen in Salem on Thursday that we find out.

Days of Our Lives Thursday 15, 2022, | December 15th Thursday 2022

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