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Days of Our Lives Monday Spoiler | December 12, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoiler | Monday, December 12, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Monday, December 12. Leo Stark and Sonny are bound to cross the lines as they get too close to comfort. They now deepen their friendship into something more which will eventually lead to some massive shockers with Will Horton.

The spoilers reveal that Sonny and Leo are caught in a compromising position, but that’s a long way from now. So, today’s episode will feature some flirty moments between the two.

Meanwhile, Bonnie is rather stunned by her recent finding about the kidnapping chaos. She had a recollection of what happened, and she now knows that Xander is responsible. She has connected the dots and she’ll continue her heated confrontation at the park.

Xander will deny the allegations and urge that Bonnie is wrong. But she will stand by what she remembers, and she urges that she will spill the beans to the cops. While that happens, Gwen arrives just in time for the massive bombshell.

Xander will confide his problems to Gwen, and she is more than determined to solve his problems. So, the spoilers reveal that Gwen will have a new scheme to rescue Xander.

She will persuade Leo to put on the clown costume and pose as the kidnapper. She plans on playing with Bonnie’s confusion and eventually get Xander off the hook.

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It’s more than obvious that the man is not going down at the moment. This week, Gwen will be able to keep the secret under wraps, but for how long.

On the other hand, Chad and Stephanie will talk about their future over dinner. Chad is on the verge of making a shocking decision, so Stephanie makes a comment about that as well. After which, they will discuss their mutual feelings, and imagine what their future would look like.

As we know, Chad is ready to move on from his dead wife, and he has a feeling for Stephanie. She also has similar feelings, but she now has a thing with Alex. So, she is rather worried about the love triangle, so let’s see what she has in mind.

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That’s all that’s going to happen in Salem on Thursday that we find out.

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