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Days of Our Lives Tuesday Spoiler | November 22, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoiler | Tuesday 22, 2022

EJ DiMera will be devastated by the news of Susan’s death. Even though he pays the ransom of $30 million, Ava will drop the bombshell about Susan’s fate. After this, EJ is heartbroken over the loss of his mother. He’ll blame himself for not being able to do anything.

EJ and Ava’s rivalry has reached a point from where there’s no return. Susan is the one who has to pay the price for their battle. So, there’ll be some emotional scenes in this episode of DAYS.

Meanwhile, Li Shin has some stunning orders for Dr. Rolf. Wendy Shin and Johnny are on the verge of a massive revelation, so Li does everything to keep this from happening. We have to wonder if Wendy and Johnny end up being guinea pigs for the mad scientist? This is why Li gives him detailed instructions as to how he stops the exposure.

It’s more than office that Wendy and Johnny will find themselves in danger. Will the mad doctor manipulate their memories? No matter what the case, they end up causing more problems for the doc as they fight back for their lives. As they get closer to the truth, Li has a lot to worry about.

Elsewhere, Gabi will invite Stefan and Chloe to her wedding, which will be a real disaster for Li. As the wedding day is coming closer, Gabi makes this shocker invitation. She must be aware of the drama that could result of Stefan’s appearance at the wedding.

She is still hopeful that the man remembers their love for each other in the soap series. There’s always wedding drama in Salem, so Gabi’s invite will be sure to bring one. Li knows the list of wrong things that can happen, so he’ll be wary about the invite.

Finally, Xander finds himself in a tight spot as he has no other option but, to be honest with Sarah. He is really troubled over the recent orders from Ava, and he now wants to do the right thing. He knows that he has a lot to lose in the aftermath, so he’ll think about coming clean.

However, it won’t be Sarah but Gwen. He’ll back out from his confession to his wife, and confides in Gwen. After which, she will urge the man to keep his mouth shut and never talk about this in front of anyone. So, let’s see what happens on DOOL.

That’s all that’s going to happen in Salem on Tuesday that we find out.

Goodbye, and See you again.

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Days of Our Lives November 22, 2022 | 22nd November 2022

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