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Days of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler | 10th Oct – 14th Oct 2022

Days of Our Lives September Spoiler

Days of Our Lives- Monday 10, October 2022

  • EJ exposes Ava’s deception in front of Johnny.
  • Things heat up between Chad and Stephanie.
  • Sloan delivers a shocking message to Paulina.
  • Allie and Chanel have a wild proposition for Alex.

Days of Our Lives – Tuesday 11, October 2022

  • EJ reveals to Gabi he has the upper hand.
  • Wendy Shin comes to Salem to ask her brother, Li, for help.
  • Paulina reveals to Stephanie and Chad that she’s being blackmailed.
  • Johnny realizes he may have a way to get back at EJ.

Days of Our Lives – Wednesday 12, October 2022

  • Li tries to make a deal with EJ.
  • Wendy and Johnny realize they have a mutual goal.
  • Chanel is shaken when Paulina reveals someone knows their secret.
  • Alex confronts Stephanie and Chad.

Days of Our Lives – Thursday 13, October 2022

  • Roman proposes to a dying Kate.
  • Marlena confides to John she fears the end is near.
  • Rolf questions Kristen about her plan.
  • Chloe makes a shocking suggestion to Brady.

Days of Our Lives – Friday 14, October 2022

  • Tripp and Joey arrive in town and rush to Kayla’s bedside.
  • Nicole admits to Chloe she still has a strong pull toward Eric.
  • Kristen forces Brady’s hand. Jada comforts Eric over Marlena.

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Days of Our Lives -10th October – 14th October | Weekly Spoiler

Days of our lives 10-10-22 weekly spoiler

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