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Days of our lives Weekly preview – 3rd – 7th October 2022

Days of our Lives 10-3-22 Preview (S58):

Days of our lives Next week Preview – 3 – 7 October 2022

Speaking of Nancy, she’s dealing with the pain of an engagement disaster. It looks like this time Craig will be around to cheer up Nancy.

Two people who have failed in love are back together. DOOL spoilers say that may open up a reunion for Nancy and Craig.

Speaking of Johnny, it seems like his feelings for Ava are getting stronger and stronger and Johnny can’t get her out of his mind. So Chanel will be the one to give him advice this week.

It seems that Chanel showed some sign of jealousy towards Johnny in Allie’s eyes, thus making Allie not fully trust Chanel’s love for her. So she also gets advice from Will.

As for Kristen, after she lost custody of Rachel. She will look to Marlena for help. Although Brady has won full custody, Kristen can hope Marlena can tell him to let her visit Rachel. Will Marlena aaree to help Kristen.
Speaking of Marlena, her health continues to deteriorate, so finding the antidote is the most important thing right now. However, Kristen will soon have the key to the cure.

Days of our Lives 10-3-22 Preview Video:

It was Dr. Wilhelm Rolf who gave Kristen the rare orchid, DOOL spoilers reveal that would give Kristen some serious leverage. she uses that to trade with Brady.

It is one of the stories that we continue to update and want to share with you.

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