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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Monday, October 17. Brady Black makes an effort to convince people that they need to explore all the possible options when talking about the serum that was recently delivered to Salem Police Department.

Brady made a deal with Kristen who handed over the orchid, but he’ll keeps silent about this, and urge John Black to use this in order to save the lives of the victims. John wants to destroy the serum, but Rex will take it to the lab for some testing.

Rex has to make sure that this serum is the similar to that from decades ago. After which, he’ll finally give the dose to Marlena, Kayla, and Kate.

Marlena will be the first one to receive the dose, and it’s all waiting after that. Marlena’s family and loved ones will have their fingers crossed hoping that she survives this ordeal.

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Meanwhile, Chloe will be an emotional wreck, and she’ll have a lot to say to Kristen. Chloe will insist that Kristen’s attitude is only making matters worse. So, she’ll call for a truce in an effort to focus on the important things in life.

However, it’s easier said than done. Kristen is not the kind of person who would listen to any other person. So, she will simply play with Chloe’s feelings and continues to cause a wreck in Salem.
Kristen knows that Brady has no other option but to keep his promise. So, she is confident the man will soon dump Chloe in the soap series.

The spoilers reveal that Brady will have an emotional embrace with Chloe at the hospital. Kristen will see this, and she will not be too happy about this. But she will be positive that this is just a goodbye kiss, and she looks forward to her reunion with Brady on Days.

On Monday’s episode, Nicole and Eric will also have an emotional moment. She will surely have a close moment with the man. However, Rafe finds himself at the receiving end of jealousy, and he gets tired of being an understanding partner.

He will make his feelings obvious about Eric and Nicole’s lingering feelings. This is bound to create massive problems in his marriage, but there is nothing else to do. Rafe and Nicole will have a heated argument when he feels that she is slipping away.

Goodbye, and See you again.

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Days of Our Lives Friday Spoiler | 17th October 2022

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