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Days of Our Lives Friday Spoiler | October 14, 2022

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Days of Our Lives Friday Spoiler | October 14, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Friday, October 14. Now that Kayla’s condition is turning from bad to worse, her sons will rush back to Salem with broken hearts.

Tripp and Joey won’t spend any time returning home to their mother who is on the verge of life and death. We assume that Joey and Tripp will eventually have an encounter with Wendy given that she recently arrived in town as well.

But it’s all about Kayla’s health for the time being. They will be informed about their mother’s final stages, and there are no words about a cure. So, they will imagine the worst possible scenario, and appear in Salem to spend some time together with Kayla.

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This might be the last for them as Kristen is hanging on the orchid-like it’s more important than her own life. Now that we talk about them returning back, we do have to assume that they’ll have a love triangle with Wendy after Kayla is saved from her dire situation.

All the while, Nicole will drop a massive bombshell that she still has feelings for Eric. We have to wonder how Chloe handles this bombshell. She will be at the receiving end of a shocking confession from Nicole.
With everything happening in recent times, how will people respond to the shocking revelation. However, we do have to wonder why Nicole confides in Chloe and not Eric. So, what will Brady’s better half do with this information?

Meanwhile, Eric will have his own problems to deal with. Marlena’s traumatic situation will have him really bothered, so Lada Hunter will be there to support the man in these desperate times. Marlena’s situation will worry her family and friends as she can barely stay hopeful about her survival in the soap series.

Finally, Kristen will have the ultimate plan to gain the upper hand when talking about her deal with Brady. Only Kristen has the power to save the lives of Marlene, Kayla, and Kate. So, the orchid that she has is priceless.

She will obviously demand a heavy price for that. Brady finds himself in a shocker dilemma as he has to make an ultimate sacrifice in the soap series.

Goodbye, and See you again.

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Days of Our Lives Friday Spoiler | 14th October 2022

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