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Days of our Lives 1-9-23 Full Episode | DOOL January 9, 2023

Days of our Lives 1-9-23 Episode (S58 E81):

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  • Brady confesses the truth to Chloe.
  • Eric holds Kristen at gunpoint.
  • Stefan is upset when he learns Johnny withheld the truth from him.
  • Li makes the case for Gabi to forgive him.

DOOL Spoiler | Wednesday, January 10, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Tuesday, January 10. Now that Kristen has lost the orchid, things have entirely changed for many, especially Brady.

He can finally open up to Chloe about what’s happened in recent times. Brady will spill the beans about Kristen’s blackmail, and how he had no other option but to end his relationship with Chloe.

This will be a real stunner for Brady’s former flame, who was dumped without a proper explanation. But now, she learns that the man really had no choice. Continue..

About the show:

American TV drama Days of our lives is broadcast on NBC. It is one of the longest-running prearranged TV programs, circulating essentially every workday since November 8, 1965.

Days of our Lives 1-10-23 Full Episode | DOOL 10th January 2023

Days of our Lives Weekly Preview 2022

There were seven main characters in the cast when Days of Our Lives first aired: Craig Merritt, Tony Merritt, Alice Merritt, Mickey Merritt, Marie Merritt, Julie Olson, and Tom Horton. The number of actors in the cast increased to 27 when the show ran for an hour in April 1975. The show used 40 actors in contract or recurring roles by its 25th anniversary in 1990, which is about how many actors it has used since then.

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Tom Horton:
Days of Our Lives, Dr. Thomas Horton, is a fictional character and the patriarch of the Horton family. He was played by Macdonald Carey from 1965 until his passing in 1994.

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Alice Horton:
Frances Reid played Alice Horton, a fictional character on the NBC soap opera named as Days of Our Lives, from November 8, 1965, when the show premiered, until December 26, 2007. As the Horton family’s matriarch, Alice’s plots focused on the numerous issues that her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren faced. From 1965 to 1994, when Carey passed away from lung cancer, her marriage to Tom Horton (portrayed by McDonald Carey) played a significant role.

Days of our Lives 1-10-23 and Watch  (DOOL 10th), or DOOL 10th January 2023 Days of our Lives DOOL 10th January 2023 Full Episode or Days of our Lives 1/10/23

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