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Days of our Lives 1-23-23 Full Episode | DOOL January 23, 2023

Days of our Lives 1-23-23 Episode (S58 E91):

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  • Will, Belle and Eric pray for a miracle for Marlena.
  • John watches helplessly as Sarah tries to revive Marlena.
  • Allie confronts Johnny and Channel about their near-kiss.
  • Wendy comforts Tripp, who’s upset about his mother.

DOOL Spoiler | Wednesday, January 24, 2022

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Tuesday, January 24. As Marlena takes her last breath in John’s arms, he will have a nervous breakdown. He will not be willing to give up so easily, so he will rush her to the emergency room and plead with Sarah to bring her back to life.

Sarah will try her best to save Marlena, while Will, Eric, and Belle will pray and hope for a miracle to happen. But when they hear that Marlena is no more, they are going to break down in grief.

Sarah will allow Marlena’s loved ones some space to say their last goodbyes. Thus, Belle and Eric will each be able to have a moment with their mother. Likewise, when everyone has left, John will go to her bedside and reassure her that their love will always live. Continue..

About the show:

Days of Our Lives (also known as DOOL) is a soap opera on American television. It airs on the streaming service Peacock. One of the world’s longest-running scripted television shows, the soap ran on the American network NBC from 1965 to 2022.


By making the show about a family of doctors, including one who worked in a mental hospital. Cordray’s and Bell combined the idea of a “hospital soap” with centering a show on a family.

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The show introduced supernatural plotlines in the 1990s. It was immediately derided by critics as a departure from the show’s earlier reputation for more realistic plotlines. These plots worked, and in 2006, Days of Our Lives became one of NBC’s five most profitable shows. It became the daytime soap with the most viewers among young and middle-aged women.

Days of our Lives 1-24-23 Full Episode | DOOL 24th January 2023

Days of our Lives Weekly Preview 2022

Notable Storylines:

When Days of Our Lives first aired in 1965, the dramas of the suburban Horton family were the show’s focus. As the show progressed, more families joined the Hortons for the purpose of interacting with them. These were the launching points for more dramatic plots. The Hortons, were originally led by patriarch Dr. Tom Horton and his wife Alice, a homemaker. They we still a prominent part of the current continuity as the show goes on.

The rape of Mickey Horton’s wife, Laura, by Mickey’s brother Bill, was one of the longest-running storylines. Dr. Tom, Laura’s father-in-law, hears her story and agrees that her husband, Mickey, should never know. The secret which involves Mickey’s subsequent health issues was the result of the revelation. The true parentage of Michael Horton, a product of the rape. The presence of Linda Patterson, who claimed that Mickey was the father of her daughter Melissa, added complexity to this plot line.

About Cheif Maker:

The show’s chief maker is Ken Corday, who plays that part since his mom, Betty, surrendered show running obligations upon her semi-retirement from the program in 1986, with Albert Alarm filling in as co-leader maker.

At the point when Days of Our Lives debuted in 1965, the show spun around the misfortunes and wins of the rural Horton family. Initially driven by patriarch Dr. Tom Horton and his better half, homemaker Alice, the Hortons stay a noticeable apparatus in current progression.


There were seven main characters in the cast when Days of Our Lives first aired: Craig Merritt, Tony Merritt, Alice Merritt, Mickey Merritt, Marie Merritt, Julie Olson, and Tom Horton. The number of actors in the cast increased to 27 when the show ran for an hour in April 1975. The show used 40 actors in contract or recurring roles by its 25th anniversary in 1990, which is about how many actors it has used since then.

Days of our lives Cast : All Characters

Tom Horton:
Days of Our Lives, Dr. Thomas Horton, is a fictional character and the patriarch of the Horton family. He was played by Macdonald Carey from 1965 until his passing in 1994.

Alice Horton:
Frances Reid played Alice Horton, a fictional character on the NBC soap opera named as Days of Our Lives, from November 8, 1965, when the show premiered, until December 26, 2007. As the Horton family’s matriarch, Alice’s plots focused on the numerous issues that her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren faced. From 1965 to 1994, when Carey passed away from lung cancer, her marriage to Tom Horton (portrayed by McDonald Carey) played a significant role.

Days of our Lives 1-24-23 and Watch  (DOOL 24th), or DOOL 24th January 2023 Days of our Lives DOOL 24th January 2023 Full Episode or Days of our Lives 1/24/23

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